Mackinac Island/BEST DAY EVER!

When we reached the island my initial thoughts were OH MY GOSH SO CUTE! The shoreline was lined with adorable and luxurious Victorian style lake houses and shops. We pulled into the harbour and walked through an archway into the CUTEST TOWN in the whole world.


BEST DAY EVER!!! I know I said this about two posts ago but seriously this was also the BEST DAY EVER!!! Yesterday we went to Mackinac Island. Due to a sleeping fiasco Cassie and I were awake at 5:30 am and ready to go to the Island. We were going to go by ourselves and meet everyone else over there but we ended up waiting for everyone else, so we didn’t leave until 11:30ish.

I was told that you can basically do everything on the Island in one day? I have no idea how this would be possible??? I think you would need at least a week to do the Island properly. There was so much to do! It was amazingly fun. We managed to pack in so much as well. Literally a day packed full of fun.

We caught a little ferry called Felicity to the Island. It was about a 15 minute ferry ride. We passed underneath the Mackinaw bridge. This meant in about 30 seconds we went from being on Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. Two great lakes in 30 seconds. We also saw the old (and tiny) light house on the way. AND we saw a pirate ship. It was so cool. It wasn’t a real pirate ship, but it was designed to look just like an olden day pirate ship. People take tours on it.

When we reached the island my initial thoughts were OH MY GOSH SO CUTE! The shoreline was lined with adorable and luxurious Victorian style lake houses and shops. We pulled into the harbour and walked through an archway into the CUTEST TOWN in the whole world. It looked like Disney World and the atmosphere reminded me of Disney World. The street was small and full of walkers, bike cyclists and horses with carriages. There are no motorised vehicles on the island. Imagine that! NO MOTORISED VEHICLES. This means luggage is transported via bikes and horses. And even the rubbish is collected via a horse and cart! This really helps to create the atmosphere. The street is also lined with adorable Disney like shops squeezed together. AND even the street lamps had bunches of flowers hanging from them.


We decided our first stop would be the Fort. The fort was once the islands protection. Controlled switched between the British and Americans. Eventually the Americans maintained control and eventually the Fort was turned into a heritage site and a museum. Americans really do know how to do museums well. They had people dressed in old style clothes and uniforms. They even had a gun shooting demonstration. The only thing I didn’t like the look of was the big hole where soldiers were jailed for offenses. That just looked horrifying to stay in.

We spent a decent amount of time at the Fort so we got lunch immediately after. Of course it was peak tourist season and peak eating time. It was difficult to find a lunch spot for eleven people, so we opted for a pizza picnic outside. This turned out to be a highly enjoyable event. I’m really glad we did this. We sat under a tree in the shade. We could see the water with ships bobbing around, main street with bikers and horses passing by. And behind us was the Fort. However, my favourite spot to gaze was a huge thick forest that lay to the right of the Fort. A small opening made it look mystical. Cassie and I both agreed that goblins would definitely live up there.

With full bellies we made our way through the equally adorable looking backstreets to the butterfly house. I’ll repeat the BUTTERFLY HOUSE! It was a house full of ferns and butterflies. They even landed on you. It was so magical. I felt so happy and gleeful. I could have gazed at the fluttering butterflies dancing about for hours. In fact it would have been the ideal place for a nap if there was a comfy couch in there. In the gift shop Cassie and I found some salt and vinegar flavoured crickets. We couldn’t believe how real these fake snake crickets looked. Turns out they were real crickets! Slightly horrified I almost bought and ate them and also slightly disappointed I didn’t.

Our next activity was bike riding. Cassie and I got a tandem bike. You should all be glade we came home unscathed. Starting a tandem bike for the first time ever in the middle of the main street was a terrifying event. Horses and carriages were bumbling past. Bikers were flying by. People were jumping in front of us onto the street. We wobbled our way the first few feet but we were soon up and rolling. It was a hot day and the lake wind on my face was welcomed. I wish you could have been there. It was so amazing. On the left was Lake Huron and on the right were thick beautiful forests with occasional Victorian lake houses. It was an 8 mile bike ride around the whole island and we stopped half way for a rest. I went down to the lake and watched Gabbi and R.J. skip rocks (quite successfully I might add). I can now also say I have officially been in two of the world’s great lakes, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. This is actually really neat, I find this quite exciting. The only thing I didn’t like about the bike ride was Cassie loved flying along. I like to toodle down paths slowly and fully enjoy the scenery. I was on the back of the tandem, though. So I got to look around a fair amount because I didn’t have to worry about steering. I think Cassie enjoyed that I had to put all my trust in her too. She could keep me upright or take me down with her. It was all up to her.

After the bike ride we strolled down the streets and explored some of the shops. Cassie, Gabbi, Karlee and I went into a haunted museum. THIS WAS AWESOME! It was the perfect amount of scary. It was enough to make us jump and scream a few times but not too much. The best part was when a noise squealed next to our ear. We all screamed and R.J. grabbed my back which terrified me even more. It was pitch black so I had no idea what grabbed me.

We also went to Sanders fudge store and of course we HAD to get some fudge. It was completely necessary. It’s basically a requirement when you visit the island. Cassie is now addicted to fudge! She talks about it all the time. And ice-cream is required during summer, so we got ice-cream too. During this part of the day Cassie smacked me really hard on the back. Then she patted me a few times. I KNEW she put a sticker on my back. Turns out she had actually done it at the butterfly house. I HAD NO IDEA! I asked her why she then patted me so hard on the back just now, because that’s what gave it away. She had no idea why she patted me so hard. She agreed it was a mistake. She is funny. I removed the sticker.

When we were gearing up to leave I was exhausted. I wished I could have stayed on the island. It costs a fortune, but maybe one day. I think the island would be so lovely once all the day trippers are gone. It was warm and peaceful, yet still alive with activity. I can see myself bike riding around the island and swimming in the lake during the day, in the future. Then I can wander down the streets and stores in the evening.

You may think our adventure ended once we left the island, but it did not! We sat on the top deck on the way home. We got a little wet due to the wind. It was rather thrilling.

We then quickly got ready for dinner. This time we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge to have dinner. I HAVE NOW PEEN ON THE UPPER PENINSULA. I can also officially say I have been to the U.P. (that’s how the real Michiganders refer to the Upper Peninsula). We had dinner at a restaurant with a live band, but we didn’t stay long. Cassie, Karlee, R.J. and I all left early because we were just so tired from such a fun day.

I was glad to climb into my bed and I fell asleep very quickly!