Country Life

We also went walking through the fields with her other horse Bella. Of course I snacked on as many wild blackberries as I could find. YUM!


This week has been a lovely week! Although it hasn’t been quite as jam packed as our trip away or the weekend there has still been lot’s to do. I’m going to sound like my friend Rachel in this blog entry. Her blog entries always involve a lot of food talk. This blog is ‘Rachel style.’

One evening I went out to dinner with Uncle Jon, Aunt Elizabeth, Jacquie, Kristen, David, Austin and Cassie. We went to the backstreet. What a lovely family restaurant. Our waitress went to school with Austin. She is pregnant and engaged to a military man. She looked super cute. Then another lady brought out her grandchild to show us. Apparently her daughter in law wanted children badly but couldn’t. Then she finally got her wish come true. It was an adorable baby. The table even had a little handwritten sign that said everyone was welcome. It said it was a community restaurant and you could come alone and make new friends, or bring a friend with you. What made me laugh the most at dinner though was the fact that Uncle Jon still has me on his family GPS tracker. I love it. He asked me to get it last summer when I was here. He must have been checking to see where we were on our Mackinac trip.

I love spending time with all my cousins. When Austin is around too we always manage to come up with some grand ideas. We are still planning on purchasing a ‘Cousin Castle’ on a remote island. This time we discussed some other brilliant ideas that Austin had. In fact I think they are such good business ideas that I don’t want to discuss them on this blog. No one will steal my cousin’s idea. Let’s just say the first idea involved planes and the second idea involved people/investment. I’ll leave you to wonder.

After dinner we went to look at Aunt Elizabeth’s new horse called Bella. SHE IS GORGEOUS! She is a small horse which makes me like her even more, and she is just so beautiful. I am very excited for Aunt Elizabeth. She went our riding this evening. Austin also showed me a big fish he caught at the fishing spot. He is super thrilled about this fish. He put it in the little pond they have and it seems to be quite happy.

I seriously love watching Cassie and Austin. They are basically the same, but opposite gender. They crack me up! Cassie mentioned she also has a list of great entrepreneurship ideas. Austin apparently also has written down all his ideas too. They are going to meet and compare lists. Another funny incident happened which actually began with Sara (even though she wasn’t with Cassie, Austin and I). On our trip to Mackinaw City Sara asked us a bunch of fun questions that we had to discuss. Some were moral dilemmas, others were just fun. One question was “If you had the option to go to the moon for ten minutes (via teleportation) for free, or go to Europe for one year for free AND receive $1000 per month, which would you choose?” EVERYONE we have talked to said Europe, except Cassie. She was 100% down for the moon. We asked Austin this question just before he showed us the fish and he was legit the only other person that said the moon. It made me laugh so hard. They really are two peas in a pod.

Kristen took the day off of work on Monday. I’m so happy she did! We had a great day. I went to the coffee shop with her and Aunt Elizabeth for breakfast. Later in the day Cassie, Kristen and I went shopping at the mall. Then David joined us in the evening to see the latest Spiderman movie. We all loved it! I was so surprised! Cassie and I never like the same movies. It had action in it, but it was also quite humorous and had a proper plot. It wasn’t just people fighting each other and things blowing up. It also ended well. I like that. We then went to Olive Garden for dinner. I LOVE OLIVE GARDEN! It’s so delicious. You get unlimited soup too. So we all got full on soup and took our main course home as leftovers. We also go a free soup to go as well. I wish we had an Olive Garden back home! On the way home we spotted a deer with a fawn. We see lots of deer and fawns, but this one was so tiny. So cute!


Mum preached at our Stockbridge church on Sunday. She is now officially an international preacher. I’m so proud of my mum. They happened to be doing a series on the minor prophets and back home we were also doing a series on this. It was so perfect! It was also lovely going to church there. I really enjoy going. I feel so welcomed. It’s like I have been welcomed to my home church after being away. A lot of this is due to Deb the current pastor of the church. She is doing a wonderful job, but it’s not just her. Everyone is very friendly.

Also on Sunday, after church and the tea party, Austin, Cassie and I discussed the plane plan in more depth. This is one of the entrepreneurship ideas I mentioned before. Intrigued even more? I’m still not revealing his idea! It’s too good. We then played the card game Cheat with grandma. She smashed! You just don’t expect my adorable little grandma to lie so much, but when it comes to card games she has no limits! It was a lot of fun!


One evening I had a delicious venison potato pie that Aunt Kim made for dinner! Venison is deer, if you didn’t know. It’s quite tasty and popular in Michigan due to so many deer around. People who go shooting have their deer’s meat prepared so it can be cooked. Cassie wasn’t game to try the venison though. She thinks the deer are too adorable to eat. I just try not to think about that!

On Tuesday night we went to Jacquie and Zac’s house for a BBQ. There house is looking fantastic! They have out some new floorboards down and repainted the kitchen cupboards. I just love their house so much! I spent a long time swimming in their huge pool. It’s super deep and has a diving board. This year there was a new addition. Zac has turned Grandma Hettie’s old slide into a water slide. The slide is at least 50 years old and still going. Zac had also set up a game in the back yard called ‘Corn Hole.’ It’s also sometimes called ‘Bean Bag Toss’ but Corn Hole sounds much cooler. IT WAS A BLAST! It’s much harder than it looks but you can improve a lot with practice. Of course Cassie played an intense game of ‘RunAway’ and ‘Tug of War’ with Rouger the dog. She loves that dog so much. I got to try flying Uncle Jon’s drone. That was very exciting, although Cassie was better at steering it than me! Lastly I got to try venison steak. It was DELICIOUS! I want more as I am thinking about it right now. I’ll go back to Jacquie’s house any day!

Cassie and I have matching bathers:

You may think this is actually sounding like a pretty full week. We did have a lot of fun, but some of it was relaxing. One day is bucketed (like I’ve never seen before) with rain. It was really relaxing to sit by the window. It was pouring hard but still lovely and warm. We went to visit Aunt Elizabeth’s colt (baby boy horse) called Shock. He is such a cute little horse. He is shedding a lot though and you can see he is going to be much darker than he is right now once he is done shedding. We also went walking through the fields with her other horse Bella. Of course I snacked on as many wild blackberries as I could find. YUM!

We also went to see the latest Transformers movie. You’re not going to believe this but the road that connects Stockbridge to Chelsea (which is a about a 20 minute drive) was used in the movie! Seriously they spent about a month filming a part of the movie on M52. The shut the whole road down and everything. I thought this was so cool. I took photos on M52 before going to the movies later that day. Cassie and I also turned the car we have been borrowing from Uncle Jon into a roofless car. It’s a convertible Chrysler car. I felt so fancy! I also 100% felt like I was in a transformer car! It was so cool, but scary at the same time! It’s like the whole car come apart and then gets put back together. Cassie and I kept attempting to convert it but panicking because we thought it would get stuck and we would have a car coming apart and not be able to get home. So we kept getting half way converted then panicking and putting it back. Eventually we fully converted it. All you have to do is hold down a button for about 30 seconds and it converts just like that into a roofless car. It was pretty nifty. I  also quite enjoyed the movie. It was playing in an old style theater. I also ate a whole bucket (American sized bucket) of popcorn to myself. I know I was being a piggy! But I couldn’t help myself. It had real butter on it, not the pretend butter!