Hartwick Pines

We stopped at Hartwick Pines State Park to visit the lodging museum. It was darker in the forest but beams of sunlight still shone through making the forest floor look bright green.


Today we headed for home, but this didn’t mean the fun ended here. In fact copious amounts of fun actually occurred once we were back in Stockbridge. Sara drove back with Ethan. This mean it was just Karlee, Gabby, Cassie and I in the car. It was a bummer losing Sara, but we still had a bunch of fun!

We stopped at Hartwick Pines State Park to visit the lodging museum. This park was beautiful. Honestly the forest was just gorgeous. It was darker in the forest but beams of sunlight still shone through making the forest floor look bright green. It was a hot day, but cooler in the forest, and birds chirped from above. We wandered through the forest to the lodging museum. It was a really neat museum. They had people dressed up as lodgers and workers and all the displays were really interesting. Did you know the buildings were often packed up and moved to new locations? Often there were places big mining camps were located that you would never know about now. The chapel was also made from wood logs. It was really interesting to see. I’ve never seen a wood logged chapel. We couldn’t go inside, though, due to a wedding which was going on.




We hit the road again and honestly the time just flew by. We told funny stories and chatted the whole way. I introduced Gabby and Karlee to Collective Noun (youtubers). It’s more of an Aussie thing so I think Gabby will appreciate it more. Hopefully I have found Collective Noun a new die-hard fan. We also stopped for a happy meal. I loved my toy. It was a minion that separated to reveal a plastic puck. You could then use the two minions to play an air hockey game. I suppose it would be called table hockey. I also introduced Cassie to McGriddles. McGriddles are: bacon + cheese + omelet egg in-between two maple flavoured pancakes/french toast. So unhealthy, but so amazing!


When we got back to Stockbridge we decided to take Aunt Kim’s car through the carwash. It was quite dirty from the road. Gabbi, Cassie and I were SUPER PUMPED! Gabbi even offered to pay for it because it was her idea and she really wanted it to happen. She cracks me up. I totally get the thrill of the car wash though. Aunt Kim’s car also has glass sun roofs so we could watch the rollers above our heads. It was very exciting. We then SLOWLY drove through the dryer section. Apparently Karlee goes through it too quickly it leaves waxy marks on the car. So we were cautiously slow. BIG MISTAKE! We were so slow it shut off just after we go past the front windshield. Sooooooo….. We ended up with an extremely waxy/streaky looking car. We thought this was halrious! Seriously we all laughed and laughed all the way back to Karlee’s house. We then laughed harder when we observed the outside of the streaky car. Then we laughed even more when we realised it didn’t even wash the back of the car. It was still covered in dust. It was an epic fail for the carwash.


It was rather a kid like day, but I love kid things. I enjoyed my happy meal, my minion toy and the car wash very thoroughly. It was sad to return back to Stockbridge after so much fun away with everyone. However I know there is still a lot of fun to be had around here.

Author: Annara Walding

I am an Australian/American living in the Land Down Under. I am a follower of Jesus and enjoy leading others in this path. I am a traveler and explorer. My close friends are all from different countries around the world. I am an outgoing introvert. Right now I am studying at university. My goal for the future is to one day publish a book.

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